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Squirrel Swift

Mr Swift, park ranger at Central Park, Peterborough, has been adopted by a baby grey squirrel.  The animal has been named Oakley Junior. It formed a bond with Mr Swift after being abandoned.  Mr Swift said, “I put out my hand … Continue reading

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White Wye Squirrel

A white squirrel has been caught on camera in the village of Wye in Kent. Although the odds of an albino squirrel are 1 in 100,000, the Garden of England suddenly seems to be awash with them. Ought not the … Continue reading

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Swimming squirrel

Tourists aboard a pleasure boat could hardly their eyes when they saw a red squirrel on an epic swim 300 metres from shore. Passengers lowered a rope to allow the squirrel to climb aboard and hitch a lift. Once back on … Continue reading

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Kinder Surprise Squirrel

A squirrel in Finland has developed a taste for Kinder Surprise Eggs, stealing them from a shop twice a day. The store manager has named the creature, The Kinder Squirrel! Perhaps we need to be kinder to Mother Nature?

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