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White Squirrels in Edinburgh

A family of rare white squirrels has been spotted in Edinburgh.  There have been several recent reports of at least four white ‘grey’ squirrels living in the Barnton area of Edinburgh, Scotland. White morphs, which are not the same as … Continue reading

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Drunk Squirrel, Evesham

Grey squirrels have been up to their tricks again! This time in Evesham, birthplace of Alistair McGowan, an English impressionist and ambassador to WWF-UK.  Alistair campaigns on a number of environmental issues and is a patron of the charity Trees … Continue reading

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Cutest Car Problem Ever!

A hoard of nuts collected by a squirrel has been discovered under a Honda Civic’s bonnet.  The mechanic who found the hoard in the car’s air filter was astounded, saying, “they were crammed in really tight. I’ve not seen anything … Continue reading

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Squirrel at Sea

A daring squirrel found himself all at sea after taking a stroll on Ramsgate beach, England. It darted across the sand, before paddling in shallows then taking to the sea. He was watched by numerous oyster-catchers and followed by several … Continue reading

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The Squirrel Whisperer

Pool repair man, Rick Gruber, has been dubbed the ‘Squirrel Whisperer’ by his friends after he used CPR to bring a drowned squirrel back to life. The animal lover stayed with the squirrel for over an hour, performing CPR using a … Continue reading

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Albino Squirrels charm Waterlooville

A pair of adorable albino squirrels have been seen playing up a tree in a park in Waterlooville, Hampshire. The squirrels have been named Pinky and Perky by the family that spotted them because of their red eyes. They are believed to … Continue reading

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Paul McCartney’s Squirrel

Sir Paul McCartney’s children’s book ‘High in the Clouds’ about the adventures of Wirral the squirrel and his search for a secret animal sanctuary is to be made into a movie. It will be the former Beatles’ biggest involvement in a major animation since Yellow Submarine … Continue reading

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Trick or Treat!

Another squirrel behaving strangely… Check out this little cutie wearing a macabre mask skull! It happened in a quiet garden in Fareham, Hampshire. In our story grey squirrels feature with the Tree of Life to illustrate that the time for talking to take … Continue reading

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Crasher the Squirrel

Crasher the Squirrel has become an internet sensation after he popped up in a photo taken by Melissa Brandt and her husband at a National Park in Canada. The curious fellow has gone global with his image imposed on many famous pictures. … Continue reading

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Squirrels go Nutts!

Mrs Oonagh Nutt from Moira, County Down has been swamped by grey squirrels.  They decided to move into her house around the time the Whittenbury Watch began. #The malicious squirrels have caused serious damage – growling and barking, scratching and chewing! … Continue reading

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