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Mysterious Giant Sea Spiral off Ibiza Coast

A mysterious giant sea spiral has appeared off the coast of Ibiza, between Sa Pedrera and the island of Vedra. The strange spial formed shortly after a strong storm. It may be due to different water currents mixing, but curiously … Continue reading

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Giant Sea Spiral

An enormous sea spiral 90 miles across has been seen off the coast of South Africa. It was spotted by an I-Spy NASA satelitte on Boxing Day. The counter-clockwise eddy was circulating deep beneath the Indian Ocean. They are not … Continue reading

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Australia’s Sky Spiral

Another spectacular and mysterious sky spiral.  It was in the southern hemisphere and covered New South Wales, Queensland and the ACT in Australia. It follows similar occurances in Norway and Russia, and another in China in 1988 Charles Lamb’s journal records the appearance of light spirals … Continue reading

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Mysterious light spiral

A mysterious giant spiral of light span in the sky for 12 minutes above Tromso, Norway on the edge of the Arctic Circle. It was accompanied by twisted beams of blue light from the centre of the spiral to the ground, rather … Continue reading

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Go Go Hamster!

The Go-Go Hamster is this year’s ‘must have’ toy for Christmas.  There’s a whole family of Zhu Zhu hamsters to collect. Curiously one has a heart on its back and another has a spiral. This one resembles Houdini! It is a … Continue reading

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