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City of No Illusions

The town of Buffalo in the state of New York is also known as the ‘City of No Illusions’, which would be of interest to the Earth Emperor because of his passion for magic. It comes as no surprise then … Continue reading

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Pick a Card!

The Earth Emperor believes humanity is gambling with this planet. It’s why he invites us to Pick a Card or Roll the Dice.  In The Earth Emperor’s Eye he presents us with a stark choice about Nature – Live or … Continue reading

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Hottest UK October Day Ever!

Yesterday, Britain basked in the hottest October day EVER. At Gravesend in the South-East of England temperatures soared to 29.9 degrees C, eclipsing the previous record. The warm front led many thousands to head to the coast with Bournemouth and … Continue reading

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Faster than the speed of light

Scientists at Cern are baffled by ‘crazy’ results that suggest subatomic neutrinos can move faster than the speed of light – widely held to be the Universe’s ultimate speed limit. If the results are vindicated the implications for science are immense. It … Continue reading

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Calling International Rescue

An English midwife from Hertfordshire on holiday in Australia celebrating her 25th wedding anniversary has responded to a call for international rescue. Shield with others from a cyclone, she delivered a baby at an evacuation centre in Cairns. The mother named … Continue reading

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Let me pass, I am your queen

“Let me pass, I am your Queen”, are words allegedly spoken in 1821 by Caroline of Brunswick as she attempted to enter Westminster Hall at the coronation of her estranged husband King George IV.  There’s a Queen Caroline in my tale as an … Continue reading

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On 7 February 1823, Charles Lamb’s journal records ‘a magnificent deep white snow’ to fall that helps demonstrate the true majesty of Yggdrasil and the diversity of life – represented by the difference between each and every snowflake, the 12 snow angels and … Continue reading

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Lucy’s Leap of Faith

Lucy Hayes, an 8 year old from Cambridgeshire, has become the youngest female from Britain to skydive after jumping 9,000 ft over Lake Bled in Slovenia. In a leap of faith, Lucy and her brother Tom, aged just 7, skydived with their … Continue reading

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Fly fish, fly!

A flying fish has set a new world record, travelling through the air for 45 seconds – breaking the previous record by 3 seconds.  The fish was caught on camera by a ferry doing about 30 kilometres per hour.  Here’s … Continue reading

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