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Mysterious crater in Siberia

A mysterious crater has appeared in Northern Siberia, home to the Samoyed tribe and guardians of Malachi, the messenger. The media and scientists are baffled and excited by the enormous crater. At first they imagined it to be 80 metres wide. … Continue reading

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James and the Giant Grasshopper

The Earth Emperor still has a trick or two up his sleeve! In the soccer world cup in Brazil, a giant grasshopper landed on the arm of Columbia’s No 10 James Rodriguez during his country’s 2-1 defeat to the host … Continue reading

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Moonquake over Cumbria

In his journal on 21 December 1822 Charles Lamb describes the winter solstice as “an unnerving and foreboding date” whilst introducing the arrival of many of his distinguished guests to Blakesware Hall, including William Wordsworth and Samuel Coleridge. He mentions how … Continue reading

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Australia’s Sky Spiral

Another spectacular and mysterious sky spiral.  It was in the southern hemisphere and covered New South Wales, Queensland and the ACT in Australia. It follows similar occurances in Norway and Russia, and another in China in 1988 Charles Lamb’s journal records the appearance of light spirals … Continue reading

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