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Echo of the Wild

In The Earth Emperor’s Eye, Mother Nature personified casts a protective spell, “I circle our world with this trust and rod, against the sore stitch, against the sore bite, against the Grim Dread, against the great horror that is hateful … Continue reading

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Black Friday

Human Pac Man Yesterday was Black Friday in the UK with many stores offering huge reductions to entice shoppers for pre-Christmas spend. It sparked a frenzy in some areas. Abhorrent human Pac-Man behaviour at its absolute worst! Bris Vegas Well, … Continue reading

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A horse, a horse! My kingdom for a horse!

William Shakespeare’s tragic play ‘King Richard III’ includes the famous quote, ‘A horse, a horse! My kingdom for a horse!’ spoken by Richard III after he lost his horse at the battle of Bosworth. The Bard was demonstrating how the value of things can change in an … Continue reading

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Let me pass, I am your queen

“Let me pass, I am your Queen”, are words allegedly spoken in 1821 by Caroline of Brunswick as she attempted to enter Westminster Hall at the coronation of her estranged husband King George IV.  There’s a Queen Caroline in my tale as an … Continue reading

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James and the Golden Locket

Using a metal detector, James Hyatt, a 3 year old boy from Essex has unearthed an engraved 500 year old gold locket estimated to be worth £2.5m. Believed to have once belonged to royalty the locket carries an engraving of a woman … Continue reading

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Out of the Blue

We’re very sad to report that Mike Edwards an early member of the British rock group the Electric Light Orchestra has been crushed by a giant bale of hay.  The bizarre accident happened near Totnes in Devon when the hay rolled down a steep … Continue reading

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