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Tyson Fury

The British boxer Tyson Fury has won the WBA heavyweight championship by defeating the Russian Wladimir Klitschko in Germany on points over 12 rounds. He now holds the title once occupied by David Haye. Tyson Fury’s success is curious because … Continue reading

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Halloween Asteroid

An eerie skull shaped asteroid has sped past the Earth on Halloween. The large scary object was only spotted by astromoners five days prior to its arrival. The asteriod was estimated to be about 1,300 feet wide and travelling at … Continue reading

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Game Over!

In The Earth Emperor’s Eye, Charles Lamb records in his journal a vivid and disturbing dream in which a fireball falls from the sky triggering an enormous tidal wave. It rushes toward Mother Nature personified who stands firm as her … Continue reading

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Black Friday

Human Pac Man Yesterday was Black Friday in the UK with many stores offering huge reductions to entice shoppers for pre-Christmas spend. It sparked a frenzy in some areas. Abhorrent human Pac-Man behaviour at its absolute worst! Bris Vegas Well, … Continue reading

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Superstorm Sandy – a new norm?

It may be fading from our memories, but let’s recall the largest Atlantic storm on record. It spanned over 1,100 miles caused widespread damage totalling $20bn in NE USA, parts of Canada and the Carribean. It carried a record 13ft … Continue reading

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The City of a Million Roses

Donetsk is known as the ‘City of a Million Roses’  It’s a relatively young city in the east of Ukraine, following rapid industrial growth about 150 years ago. It was founded by John Hughes, a British businessman.  In 1970 UNESCO … Continue reading

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Snow Pumpkins and the Temple of Floods

The 26 October ‘Ides of March’ post anticipated Mother Nature would put on a show to the developed world as a wake up call. Well, just days after North-Eastern Americans were basking in an Indian Summer, temperatures plummeted 40 degrees as heavy … Continue reading

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Calling International Rescue

An English midwife from Hertfordshire on holiday in Australia celebrating her 25th wedding anniversary has responded to a call for international rescue. Shield with others from a cyclone, she delivered a baby at an evacuation centre in Cairns. The mother named … Continue reading

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Let me pass, I am your queen

“Let me pass, I am your Queen”, are words allegedly spoken in 1821 by Caroline of Brunswick as she attempted to enter Westminster Hall at the coronation of her estranged husband King George IV.  There’s a Queen Caroline in my tale as an … Continue reading

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Icelandic Ash Plume

The Eyjafjallajokull volcano in Iceland has re-erupted, 10 to 20 times more powerful than last month and sending a huge plume of ash and dust high into the atmosphere. The volcanic cloud has been blown south bringing chaos to air travel on a scale … Continue reading

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