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Giant Hogweed

“I am Malachi. Other dog came. I bark, “My house! My house! I tell Ben, “The cat, the rat and Lovel our dog, Rule all England under a hog!” Toby understands. Nobody else does.” Is a curious extract from The … Continue reading

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Mysterious crater in Siberia

A mysterious crater has appeared in Northern Siberia, home to the Samoyed tribe and guardians of Malachi, the messenger. The media and scientists are baffled and excited by the enormous crater. At first they imagined it to be 80 metres wide. … Continue reading

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2012 London Olympics

The Whittenbury’s once made an image of Malachi out of the 2012 Olympics emblem. Curious then that Olympics 2012 Opening Ceremony captures a ‘green and pleasant land’ destroyed by the arrival of the industrial revolution – William Blake’s Dark Satanic Mills.

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Ultimate Dog Tease

This year’s most popular video on You Tube features a talking dog – some 79 million hits and counting. Curious as I’m sure Malachi our very own messenger and speaking dog in The Haymakers Survey would be a number one fan. … Continue reading

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Beware the Ides of March

Friday 28 October is the UK release date of ‘The Ides of March’ movie.  In our novel, Malachi alerts us to this date. Has Mother Nature something sinister planned for this Friday? Let’s see.  

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Rat fans!

A rodent has made a surprise appearance before the media at the HQ of one of the world leaders.  Last year we reported how a rodent was caught on camera scurring outside the Whitehoue beneath the feet of the USA president.  Now, … Continue reading

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Mision cumplida Chile!

‘Mision cumplida Chile’ was the sign held up by the rescue workers after they returned 33 trapped miners to the surface. In English it means ‘Mission accomplished Chile!’ The world watched in joyful wonder as one by one the miners returned to … Continue reading

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Mysterious light spiral

A mysterious giant spiral of light span in the sky for 12 minutes above Tromso, Norway on the edge of the Arctic Circle. It was accompanied by twisted beams of blue light from the centre of the spiral to the ground, rather … Continue reading

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