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Australia’s Sky Spiral

Another spectacular and mysterious sky spiral.  It was in the southern hemisphere and covered New South Wales, Queensland and the ACT in Australia. It follows similar occurances in Norway and Russia, and another in China in 1988 Charles Lamb’s journal records the appearance of light spirals … Continue reading

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Poetic Edda

A volcano that has been dormant for almost 200 years has erupted in Iceland. The eruption was in a mountain pass beside the Eyjafjallajokull glazier and 100 miles or so from Reykjavik – the world’s northern most capital of a sovereign state and … Continue reading

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Meet Miyagi, the black belt lamb.   He’s named Miyagi after the fictional martial arts expert Mr Miyagi from the Karate Kid films. He was born five days ago with a thick belt of black wool around his middle. A lamb … Continue reading

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On 7 February 1823, Charles Lamb’s journal records ‘a magnificent deep white snow’ to fall that helps demonstrate the true majesty of Yggdrasil and the diversity of life – represented by the difference between each and every snowflake, the 12 snow angels and … Continue reading

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King George’s Albatrosses

Researchers writing in ‘Polar Biology’ report a small group of light-mantled sooty albatrosses have chosen to nest on King George’s Island, one of the South Shetland Islands in Antarctica. The colony is the southern-most breeding location ever recorded for any albatross species (by … Continue reading

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River Otter’s Ice Circle

A perfect giant circle of ice three metres wide has been seen rotating slowly on the river Otter, near Honiton, Devon. Scientists are bemused as such circles are normally only found in the Polar region.   The Metrological Office estimate that the disc was spinning at 360 degrees every 4 minutes.  … Continue reading

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Swimming squirrel

Tourists aboard a pleasure boat could hardly their eyes when they saw a red squirrel on an epic swim 300 metres from shore. Passengers lowered a rope to allow the squirrel to climb aboard and hitch a lift. Once back on … Continue reading

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