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Moonquake over Cumbria

In his journal on 21 December 1822 Charles Lamb describes the winter solstice as “an unnerving and foreboding date” whilst introducing the arrival of many of his distinguished guests to Blakesware Hall, including William Wordsworth and Samuel Coleridge. He mentions how … Continue reading

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Light of the World?

A unique Roman lantern made of bronze has been discovered in a field in Sudbury, Suffolk by Danny Mills – a young metal detector enthusiast. The lantern’s believed to be the only one of its kind in Britain. Dating from … Continue reading

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River Otter’s Ice Circle

A perfect giant circle of ice three metres wide has been seen rotating slowly on the river Otter, near Honiton, Devon. Scientists are bemused as such circles are normally only found in the Polar region.   The Metrological Office estimate that the disc was spinning at 360 degrees every 4 minutes.  … Continue reading

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Rose cloud over Mayfair!

A mysterious luminous fushia cloud appeared in the sky above London last night, turning the heads of amazed commuters. Meteorologists suggest the rose cloud may be a reflection of city lights on a low cloud against the background of a low sun.  Others believe it the … Continue reading

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Fly fish, fly!

A flying fish has set a new world record, travelling through the air for 45 seconds – breaking the previous record by 3 seconds.  The fish was caught on camera by a ferry doing about 30 kilometres per hour.  Here’s … Continue reading

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Swimming squirrel

Tourists aboard a pleasure boat could hardly their eyes when they saw a red squirrel on an epic swim 300 metres from shore. Passengers lowered a rope to allow the squirrel to climb aboard and hitch a lift. Once back on … Continue reading

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