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Let me be the Dancing Park Ranger

The Earth Emperor does enjoy dancing.  Fancy then that Deryl Nelson wants to be the Dancing Park Ranger. Apparently he enjoyed a good waltz. Sadly, through, he’s antics saw him fired from his job at Coolidge Park in Chattanooga, Tennessee, … Continue reading

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Albino Squirrels charm Waterlooville

A pair of adorable albino squirrels have been seen playing up a tree in a park in Waterlooville, Hampshire. The squirrels have been named Pinky and Perky by the family that spotted them because of their red eyes. They are believed to … Continue reading

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The City of a Million Roses

Donetsk is known as the ‘City of a Million Roses’  It’s a relatively young city in the east of Ukraine, following rapid industrial growth about 150 years ago. It was founded by John Hughes, a British businessman.  In 1970 UNESCO … Continue reading

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2012 London Olympics

The Whittenbury’s once made an image of Malachi out of the 2012 Olympics emblem. Curious then that Olympics 2012 Opening Ceremony captures a ‘green and pleasant land’ destroyed by the arrival of the industrial revolution – William Blake’s Dark Satanic Mills.

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Sofia the lion tamer

Malik the lion reacted fiercely to a girl staring at him through strengthened glass in his enclosure at Wellington Zoo. The moody lion swipped his front paws against the 33mm glass, but Sofia aged 3 was unmoved.  Malik has charged … Continue reading

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Blake takes gold

Yohan Blake has unexpectedly won the 100m final at the 2011 World Athletics Championship.  The Jamacian raced to victory after the defending champion Bolt caused a real shock after being disqualified after a false start.  Let’s take a closer look at YOHAN … Continue reading

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Virginia Earthquake

Earthquakes are rare in the Eastern United States. Its curious then that a 5.8 magnitude quake has struck the state of Virginia. The epicentre was in Louisa County close to Richmond, felt in 12 states and damaging national monuments in Washington … Continue reading

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Wellington’s Wake Up Call!

New Zealand is under its heaviest snow in living memory. The once in a life time event saw Wellington experience heavy snow and blizzards with electricity cut and schools closed due to the disruption. Residents took to the streets with … Continue reading

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The Rime of the Modern Mariner

Samuel Coleridge’s ‘Rime of the Ancient Mariner’ helped inspire the Blakesware Set and the ‘Haymakers Survey’. Curious then that an author named Nick HAYES has brought Coleridge’s tale up to date as a cautionary environmental story. The poem has been re-imagined as a … Continue reading

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Boxing Day: Earth Sale – Everything Must Go!

The media are reporting a shopping frenzy in Britain with ‘phenomenal’ trading at shopping centres as people rush to grab their bargains. Here’s some of the headlines: “It’s difficult to get into the shops because of the sheer number of … Continue reading

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