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Orange Alligator Again

Another orange alligator has been spied in America. This one was seen in Calabash, North Carolina, the previous sighting was earlier this month in Charleston. So far there’s no indication that the two alligators are connected in any way, but … Continue reading

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I am the Earth Emperor

Thousands of birds flying over the New York skyline came together at dusk to momentarily form a human face. The startling image was caught on a video by a tourist on a bus approaching the Williamsburg Bridge in Brooklyn. Some … Continue reading

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Green Elephant

Elephants are incredible gentle giants. Aside from being adorable they are highly intelligent and emotional beings, and lovely to watch them in action. This video features an elephant who is caught on tape by a security camera, picking up trash and … Continue reading

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Peanut the Turtle

Another belated discovery of uncanny interest to readers of The Earth Emperor’s Eye because of the role of peanuts in the tale to symbolism the general reluctance amongst humanity to take appropriate care for the environment. Well, you may recognize Peanut, … Continue reading

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Nigel Pearson’s Ostrich Rant

In a media conference, Nigel Pearson, manager of Leicester City FC, accused a journalist of being an ostrich. The victim was Ian Baker who suffered abuse and criticism from the Foxes boss after a defeat to Chelsea. It’s strange because … Continue reading

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Weasel rides green woodpecker

A small weasel has been caught on camera hitching a ride on the back of a green woodpecker.  The remarkable image was captured by Martin Le-May in Hornchurch Country Park, East London. The wonderful image has gone viral on social … Continue reading

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Luke Donald alarmed by baboon

Luke Donald, one of the world’s top golfers, was pursued by a baboon on the fairway at the Nedbank Golf Challenge in Sun City, South Africa. The golfer was alerted to the monkey’s presence by his caddie, who cried, “Watch … Continue reading

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Yukie Ota

A Peacock butterfly has been wooed by the beautiful sound of Japanese flautist, Yukie Ota. It settled on her face as she played ‘Sancan’s Sonatine for flute and piano’ at Carl Nielson’s International Flute Competition in Odense, Denmark. Unfazed, Yukie calmly continued her performance … Continue reading

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Who is the monkey?

In The Earth Emperor’s Eye, Ben Whittenbury regularly uses the term ‘Monkey Nuts’ to describe his neighbour, whilst Sarah twice rehearses her own playful song, ‘Who is the monkey?’  It’s curious then that a series of monkey selfies are making headlines around the world … Continue reading

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Seagull’s photo finish

A rogue seagull has claimed second place in a photo finish at Brighton racecourse.   The bird finished behind Jewelled and ahead of Sagesse. Racecourse spokesman, George Hill said, “It has never happened before to our knowledge.” The number 3 is significant … Continue reading

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