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The Die is Cast

An extremely rare albino bottlenose dolphin has been seen off the Italian coast, near the sea port of Ravenna. It’s been named Albus and is thought to be the first of its kind spotted in the Mediterranean. The Rubicon river feeds to … Continue reading

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Mysterious crater in Siberia

A mysterious crater has appeared in Northern Siberia, home to the Samoyed tribe and guardians of Malachi, the messenger. The media and scientists are baffled and excited by the enormous crater. At first they imagined it to be 80 metres wide. … Continue reading

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Written in the stars

Mid-season Chelsea FC were in turmoil yet against all odds they won the UEFA Champions League for the first time.  They recovered from 3-1 down to beat Napoli, overturned Benfica, the much fancied Barcelona with 10 men from 2-0 down, and … Continue reading

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