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I am the author of The Earth Emperor's Eye novel, which is linked to the Whittenbury Watch. This post helps reveal the Earth Emperor's magic. To discover more visit

I Am Who I Am

I Am What I Am is the common English translation of the response God used in the Hebrew Bible when Moses asked for his name (Exodus 3:14). The phrase is often found in other world religious literature, used to describe … Continue reading

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Foxes Top At Christmas

Unfancied Leicester City FC are five points clear at the top of the English Premier League for Christmas.  Nicknamed ‘The Foxes’, the team have experienced a miraculous rise to the summit for last Christmas they were bottom of the division! … Continue reading

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Green Elephant

Elephants are incredible gentle giants. Aside from being adorable they are highly intelligent and emotional beings, and lovely to watch them in action. This video features an elephant who is caught on tape by a security camera, picking up trash and … Continue reading

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Tyson Fury

The British boxer Tyson Fury has won the WBA heavyweight championship by defeating the Russian Wladimir Klitschko in Germany on points over 12 rounds. He now holds the title once occupied by David Haye. Tyson Fury’s success is curious because … Continue reading

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Halloween Asteroid

An eerie skull shaped asteroid has sped past the Earth on Halloween. The large scary object was only spotted by astromoners five days prior to its arrival. The asteriod was estimated to be about 1,300 feet wide and travelling at … Continue reading

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Mysterious Giant Sea Spiral off Ibiza Coast

A mysterious giant sea spiral has appeared off the coast of Ibiza, between Sa Pedrera and the island of Vedra. The strange spial formed shortly after a strong storm. It may be due to different water currents mixing, but curiously … Continue reading

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Peanut the Turtle

Another belated discovery of uncanny interest to readers of The Earth Emperor’s Eye because of the role of peanuts in the tale to symbolism the general reluctance amongst humanity to take appropriate care for the environment. Well, you may recognize Peanut, … Continue reading

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Black Fox in Royston

A rare and mysterious black fox has been spotted near Royston, Hertfordshire by a local resident. It’s believed to be only the second time a black fox has been spotted in Britain.  John Moore from Bassingbourne saw the creature in … Continue reading

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Game Over!

In The Earth Emperor’s Eye, Charles Lamb records in his journal a vivid and disturbing dream in which a fireball falls from the sky triggering an enormous tidal wave. It rushes toward Mother Nature personified who stands firm as her … Continue reading

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Honey the Hamster

Honey the hamster had a miraculous escape after a fire swept through an 18th century flat on Market Hill, Sudbury, Suffolk.  She was discovered five days after the incident. Honey’s owner, Ms Jackson, 52, who works for local firm Delphi, … Continue reading

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