Hayemaker’s Achilles’ Heel

British heavywieght boxer David Haye suffered an unexpected defeat in a bout with Tony Bellow. The fighter, known as the Hayemaker, injured an Achilles tender in his leg after a knockdown in round six.  Haye’s power and poise was severly impacted but he fought on bravely until eventually conceeding in round 11.

The Hayemaker’s unexpected defeat and leg injury is another curiosity. In The Earth Emperor’s Eye, a former boxing champion, Bill Richmond, is recruited by Captain Richard Lewin to spar with Charles Lamb to help him prepare for potential conflict with the Grim Dread.  The Captain fears Charles’ physical weakness is his Achilles’ heel. During the first lesson, Charles takes a blow from Bill and tumbles, injurying his leg.

Is the Hayemaker’s defeat a timely reminder that Mother Nature is on her knees? In the tale, church bells symbolically toll to signal the seriousness of her plight.

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