Fire Rainbow

An extremely rare ‘Fire Rainbow’ has been seen in Singapore. It formed ‘out of nowhere’ behind a cloud just after 5pm. The incredible light show started as an orange glow then grew larger, taking on more colours. It lasted for about 15 minutes, leaving onlookers in awe.

Pet stylist Bernard Ong, who recorded a clip of the fire rainbow, said: ‘I have never seen such a beautiful Mother Nature before. This was totally something amazing.’

Well, if that seems amazing, how about this? Malay is the chosen national language of Singapore. It has a symbolic, rather than practical purpose. Malay is spoken mainly within the Singaporean Malay community. The English name of Singapore is an anglicisation of the native Malay name for the country. It is also customary to refer to the nation as the Lion City.

In The Earth Emperor’s Eye, the Samoyed dog, Malachi, serves as the ‘Voice of the Animals’. The tale also refers to a shimmering rainbow cloud that lights the sky over Xanadu. And, of course, there’s John Plummer’s mysterious Lion Head statue that enables the magic to happen.

This really is the Earth at its enchanted best.

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