Foxes Top At Christmas

Unfancied Leicester City FC are five points clear at the top of the English Premier League for Christmas.  Nicknamed ‘The Foxes’, the team have experienced a miraculous rise to the summit for last Christmas they were bottom of the division! The Foxes are led by former Chelsea FC manager, Claudio Ranieri, a man renowned for using the term, ‘fantastic’, thus we have the Fantastic Foxes!

Foxes Leicester

Claudio Ranieri’s predecessor was Nigel Pearson. He was sacked shortly after brandishing a journalist as an ostrich following a defeat by Chelsea, who were then closing in on the 2015 Premiership title.  The significance to The Earth Emperor’s Eye of the former Foxes manager’s ostrich comment is reported elsewhere on the Whittenbury Watch.  In a bizarre twist of fate, the self-acclaimed Special One at Chelsea, Jose Mourinho, parted company with the 2015 Champions after defeat to the Foxes. Remarkably, it was ‘The Blues’ ninth defeat in sixteen matches! Indeed, Chelsea’s demise has been as surprising and unexpected as Leicester’s climb to the top. It begs the star question ‘What happened to the blue ribbon’? tied around the Championship trophy?

chelsea champions 2015

What is the significance of the connexions to the Whittenbury Watch, you may ask? Perhaps the rise of the Foxes is a symbolic representaion of a Grim Dread bringing chaos to the natural order and driving an Earth-in-Crisis.  It is so in The Earth Emperor’s Eye where an unworldly black fox with firey eyes is the Grim Dread – the unstoppable force of ‘progress’, whilst the blue ribbon is lost!  To top it all, Christmas is when the real magic happens in the tale!

So there we have it – in the run up to Christmas 2015 has the fate of The Foxes and The Blues been controlled by an unknown force? The same divine influence that has shone on the rest of Whittenbury Watch! Is this all Mother Nature’s doing in league with the Earth Emperor himself? It’s a most curious notion.


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