Weasel rides green woodpecker

A small weasel has been caught on camera hitching a ride on the back of a green woodpecker.  The remarkable image was captured by Martin Le-May in Hornchurch Country Park, East London.

weasel on woodpecker

The wonderful image has gone viral on social media with thousands sharing the ‘one-in-a-million’ photo.

It’s strange that the animals antics took place in East London given the recent story in the BBC soap Eastenders on ‘Who Killed Lucy?’ Given the proximity perhaps Mother Nature is mimicking a scene in The Earth Emperor’s Eye where Sarah rides a mythical creature to discover Xanadu? What can it mean?


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I am the author of The Earth Emperor's Eye novel, which is linked to the Whittenbury Watch. This post helps reveal the Earth Emperor's magic. To discover more visit www.EarthEmperorsEye.com
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