Je Suis Charlie

The people of France have adopted the slogan ‘Je Suis Charlie’ or ‘I am Charlie’ as a show of defiance in response to a terrorist attack on the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo and two sieges.

je suis charlie

The slogan has swept the world on social media and is the pinnacle and driving force for anti-terror protests and support for freedom of expression. The numbers on the streets of Paris and elsewhere in France represent a remarkable show of strength.

je suis charlie paris rally

Je Suis Charlie – Paris Protest

The pen really is mightier than the sword!

There’s a curious link to The Earth Emperor’s Eye.  Much of the story is presented in an ‘I am’ style to show that we are all individuals yet bonded by the same consciousness. Whilst the French language is used to illustrate the spirit of revolution and embrace the values of liberty, equality and fratenity.  Most significantly, the journals by Charles Lamb convey much of the story, including the words – I am Charlie!


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