Yankee Doodle

In The Earth Emperor’s Eye we have

” “Hark, the drummers play to welcome us.” They stood in line and banged out ‘Yankee Doodle’ as loud as thunder.”

Observe the build up to the American Revolutionary song here…

Now observe these strange noises that occured simultaneously in the UK and USA on Saturday 29 November. Go to 1:12 on the video below.

It’s strange too that the banging sounds were heard in Buffalo, New York given the dramatic snow storm recorded their recently (and featured on this watch). The curiosity is that Buffalo is also known as the ‘City of No Illusions.’

The Earth Emperor is indeed a wonderful showman and magician!

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I am the author of The Earth Emperor's Eye novel, which is linked to the Whittenbury Watch. This post helps reveal the Earth Emperor's magic. To discover more visit www.EarthEmperorsEye.com
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