Squirrel at Sea

A daring squirrel found himself all at sea after taking a stroll on Ramsgate beach, England. It darted across the sand, before paddling in shallows then taking to the sea. He was watched by numerous oyster-catchers and followed by several curious seagulls.

It was a very bizarre thing for the creature to do, but at least he proved to be a good swimmer. It brings to mind the plight of Captain Lewin in The Earth Emperor’s Eye and the much quoted phrase ‘Water, water everywhere, nor any drop to drink.’

We hope the squirrel made it safely back to shore.

About Chrissie Daines

I am the author of The Earth Emperor's Eye novel, which is linked to the Whittenbury Watch. This post helps reveal the Earth Emperor's magic. To discover more visit www.EarthEmperorsEye.com
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