Sgt Pepper returns

In celebration of his 80th birthday the British pop art icon Sir Peter Blake has recreated the world famous cover to the 1967 Beatles Sgt Pepper Lonely Hearts’ Club album. For the  2012 version Sir Peter has chosen famous and great British people from the modern cultural era, including Amy Winehouse, JK Rowling, Noel Gallagher, Paul Weller and Mick Jagger.

sgt pepper album cover 2012


Given the significance of Billie Shears and the LHCB in our novel we’re amused at the redesign, especially the Bo-Peep like figure on the right of the new design. She resembles Mother Nature at the heart of The Haymakers Survey picture. There are also 80 questions in our Survey and the Blakesware Set are influential.

Perhaps Sir Peter Blake was having a little fun with us? We do hope so.


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