Boxing Day: Earth Sale – Everything Must Go!

The media are reporting a shopping frenzy in Britain with ‘phenomenal’ trading at shopping centres as people rush to grab their bargains. Here’s some of the headlines:

“It’s difficult to get into the shops because of the sheer number of people”

“People were screaming with relief when the doors opened”

“Millions of shoppers have spent hundreds of millions of pounds”

The hunt for bargains was driven by huge discounts and the prospect of a 2% increase in VAT.  The whole jamboree has been described as ‘Good News’ by the press.

Boxing Day Sale


Yet we cannot continue in this way – a creeping Grim Dread that’s consuming endless throwaway products.

I-Spy another side to this coin. The Haymaker’s Survey is named thus partly because of the 1800’s champion boxer Bill Richmond -Haymaker is another term for a boxer.  The boxer serves as a guardian to Mother Nature and coach to Charles Lamb, helping him to toughen up.  Charles’ journal also features a boxing day hunt

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