River Otter’s Ice Circle

A perfect giant circle of ice three metres wide has been seen rotating slowly on the river Otter, near Honiton, Devon.

ice circle River Otter Ice Circle

Scientists are bemused as such circles are normally only found in the Polar region.   The Metrological Office estimate that the disc was spinning at 360 degrees every 4 minutes.  An official admitted to being stumped at the rare find, but suggested that the circle may have formed due to the extreme cold and a circular water eddy set up in the river.

It’s curious because Charles Lamb’s journal features a water eddy in the Nimley Bourne when Lucy Ebbs revealed the hidden magic of the contents of her locket.

Ottery St Mary

The River Otter runs through Ottery, St Mary –  birth place of Samuel Coleridge – author of the Rime of the Ancient Mariner.  The ice circle follows the appearance of an albatross on British shores within a stone’s throw of Samuel’s home town.

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