Do you believe in miracles?

Our ancestors believed in miracles too. Religions the world over talk of divine intervention and acts that defy belief. The Earth Emperor’s Eye is a maker of modern day miracles. NO FAKE NEWS here. Behold the wonder that is the Whittenbury Watch. Take your pick from some recent posts.

  • Hollywood at Roston Cave
    Hollywood at Roston Cave
    Nia Peeples visits on Earth Hour day.
  • EnvelopeGate
    A Secret Invitation?
  • Orange Alligators
    Orange Alligators
    Spied in Charleston and Brunswick
  • New England Patriots
    New England Patriots
    Miracle Makers
  • Oroville Dam
    Oroville Dam
    Water water everywhere, nor any drop to drink.
  • Pie Bet
    Pie Bet
    Who ate all the pies?
  • Fire Raindow
    Fire Raindow
    Malay again?
  • Ye Olde Pie Shop
    Ye Olde Pie Shop
    And the Golden Ticket.
  • Dead Man's Fingers
    Dead Man's Fingers
    The Grim Dread rising?
  • Gone with the Wind
    Gone with the Wind
    Bring him to me.
  • I Have Three Hearts
    I Have Three Hearts
    Which is the Earth Emperor's favorite card.
  • Mala's White Reindeer
    Mala's White Reindeer
    The Earth Spirit.

Q60a: Is Life Logical?

The Watch began when The Haymakers Survey first published. It continues to this day with nearly 200 mysterious connexions between the story and real world events.  Search pick a question or explore a theme.

Spoiler Alert: The examples in the Watch reveal parts of the plot in The Earth Emperor’s Eye.  You are strongly recommended to read the story before exploring too many.

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