Truth is stranger than fiction!

The Whittenbury Watch an idea conceived in The Earth Emperor’s Eye.  In the novel, Mother Nature advises a character, Ben Whittenbury, that we must bear witness to world events linked to questions, themes and action in the story.

real titanic watch

The examples in the Whittenbury Watch are arranged against the questions posed in the novel and by 33 relevant themes.  Incredibly, it seems the spirit of planet Earth – Gaia – is warning humanity we need to take better care of this world and the creatures we share it with!

Time is against us.  Hark, do you hear it? Tick-tock, tick-tock.  It’s the sound of a game of ‘Live or Let Die’ commissioned in the story by the Earth Emperor.  As a taster, just take a look at the post I Am the Earth Emperor. It really defies logic!

Spoiler Alert: The examples in the Watch reveal parts of the plot in The Earth Emperor’s Eye. I strongly recommend you read the story before exploring too many.

Do you want to play?

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